OpenLink rolls-out their Cloud Strategy

OpenLink rolled out their comprehensive cloud strategy earlier this week, announcing the culmination of more than a year’s investment and effort in engineering and optimizing their products to run effectively in the public cloud.  While this of course of tremendous interest to OpenLink’s clients and prospects, it should also be of interest to the wider markets.  As the company notes in their press release, their web solutions were “(d)eveloped in collaboration with over 50 of OpenLink’s largest and most sophisticated energy and financial services clients…”  I know from personal conversations with some of those very largest OpenLink customers that their commitment to moving into the cloud is firm and they have all expressed their belief that the age-old “excuse” for avoiding the cloud, namely security, is not any greater an exposure for them having their data in the cloud than it is within their own data centers.  Its this acceptance, by some of the very largest and globally respected companies, of cloud deployment for their mission critical systems and data that will result in an accelerating adoption rate by others in the market.  After all, if you can point to the largest energy companies in world using the cloud for
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OpenLink rolls-out their Cloud Strategy. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.