OPINION – Just the News?

Is it just me or is it getting harder to get just the news? When I say the news, what I mean is factual coverage of newsworthy events in and around commodities, trading, risk management, supply chains, price forecasting, and so on. The sort of news I took for granted just a couple of years ago. You see, as an analyst, I have to keep abreast of industry news, trends and events. Using that news, I might do some additional analysis before forming an opinion as an analyst – analyst opinion. But, and I was discussing this with Patrick and others in the industry these last few days, the news is no longer news. It’s opinion masquerading as news. If you go to one of the ‘reliable’ sources of commodities news these days, it isn’t factual news at all. It’s often stories manufactured to support an agenda – usually climate change these days. It’s not that climate, as it relates to commodities, isn’t news – it is. Whether you approve or not, the climate debate is set to have quite the impact across commodities and that is the news and I am hungry to consume it. However, to us old… continue reading

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