9-11 – Remembering a colleague

There are some people that you meet in life who leave a lasting positive impression upon you. Today, I’d like to remember a man who certainly left a great impression with me – Simon Turner. I believe that I first met Simon at a Risk Waters Conference in London. He was a bright, dynamic and friendly guy who had the kind of voice that should have been on the radio. In fact, I used to joke with him about his UK DJ namesake as a result. I spoke at one or two of the conferences that he organized and we spoke quite a lot on the phone. He sticks in my mind because he was or seemed to be at ease with himself and the world and he did a damn fine job in a friendly and professional manner. As happens in busy lives, I sort of lost touch after moving to Houston, but periodically there was that big, happy voice on the phone again….. Simon Turner lost his life today in 2001. He was hosting another conference in the World Trade Center. He was weeks away from meeting his first child. Let’s not forget Simon and the thousands of … continue reading

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