A Weekend Drive

This weekend, I took a quick trip out to a small Czech brewery in Dalesice. Czech beer is amongst the finest in the world and is certainly one of many good features about the country I currently reside it. What I hadn’t realized was that the drive would take me by two CEZ generating facilities. The first is a rather amazing site even from a distance with its massive cooling towers spewing so much water vapor in to the air it makes its own clouds. That facility is a nuclear reactor called Dukovny It comprises four pressurized-water reactors of the Type VVER 440 – Model V 213. Each of these reactors has the heat capacity of 1,375 MW and electric capacity of 510 MW and it uses Uranium Oxide fuel rods. It is a base load generator and supplies about 20% of the Czech Republic‘s power needs. Interestingly, the water supply for the facility is supplied by a dammed river nearby – the Dalesice water reservoir. It was, in part, this that we had also driven to take a look at. It is impressive, especially the dam at the end of the reservoir in which is situated an off peak

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