Allegro seems to have the wind at their back in the CTRM marketplace

We’ve recently begun preparation of our 2015 CTRM Global Market Size report and are in the process of collecting data from both private and public sources to ensure as accurate a picture of the market as possible. One of the many sources we use is the first-of-year press releases from the larger vendors in which they discuss their companies’ prior year results…that is if it has been a good year, otherwise they might, not surprisingly, just skip it. Allegro has been pretty reliable in issuing such press releases, which is a good indicator of the success they’ve had in the market over the last few years. This year’s version notes they are “reporting 23 percent revenue and more than 30 percent EBITDA year-over-year increase compared to 2013.” And while the 23% increase in revenues is impressive, perhaps even more impressive is the statement that notes “(t)he growth was fueled by the addition of 22 new logo accounts spanning global commodity markets, including major players transacting business in the commodities of power, gas, crude and natural gas liquids.” Though we at ComTech don’t have absolute visibility into all deals done in the global marketplace, we probably have the best proprietary database … continue reading

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