An update on the FIS acquisition of SunGard

As our readers are surely aware, FIS announced their intention to acquire SunGard back in August of last year, with the deal having closed in November. I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes on the phone recently with Dr. Marcus Seiser (formerly head of SunGard Energy and now the head of FIS energy software group) to get an update on the progress of integrating the former SunGard Energy software business into the new company, and the implications of the acquisition on that group’s strategy and direction. In terms of integrating the newly acquired business, Dr. Seiser explained that the Energy group is now a part of FIS’s Global Trading organization, which combines several other former SunGard products, including SunGard’s MarketMap price and data solution and Front Arena financial trading and brokerage product. This newly combined organization, with comprehensive solutions for financial and commodity trading companies (including market data, electronic trading, ETRM/CTRM and brokerage solutions), is now the largest such business in the space with more than double the annual revenues of their next closest competitor. He also touched on the implications for existing customers and prospects, noting that he believes that with the increased breadth of solutions and

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