Brady PLC Gaining Market Share

Brady PLC announced its preliminary results for 2014 this morning. Brady PLC CEO, Mr. Gavin Lavelle, briefed me on Friday regarding Brady’s performance and forward business strategy in advance of today’s announcement. The software vendor closed a record 20 new license deals in 2014 of which 30% were in the cloud deployed, 30% were with clients outside of Brady’s traditional European stomping ground and this included its first license in Korea with a household electronics company. As a result, revenues were up 13% to 31m GBP (on a constant currency basis and about $45.8 m using today’s exchange rate). Profits were up 80% to 6.3m GBP, EBITDA margin was 20% and operating cash flow up 6.2m GBP. The twenty new license deals included successes across the Brady software portfolio with 9 energy deals, 7 commodity (metals, ags and softs) license deals and 4 in recycling. New clients include the world largest nickel producer, a substantial Korean consumer electronics group, a large Australian Bank, a Middle Eastern metal fabricator, a Middle Eastern oil and gas producer, a large American wind farm manager and a German company focused on clean energy production. In addition, Mr. Lavelle was quick to point out that … continue reading

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