Central and Eastern Europe Beckons

Last week I visited with a client in Budapest (I love my job!). Budapest is a truly beautiful city with its own culture. Hungary seems like many Central and Eastern European countries, to be full of bright young people who seek work in high technology industries. It is also relatively cheap by comparison to western centers of industry and commerce. As I talk to ETRM vendors across Europe, the topic of Central and Eastern Europe often comes up. As de-regulation has slowly but surely migrated eastwards in the power and gas markets so too has the need for ETRM software. Markets like Hungary are actually quite active and the HUPX exchange is now well known and liquid. Traders active in this part of the world will often trade all of the EU former Soviet block countries as well as into the non-EU Balkan states, Turkey and even the Ukraine. Of course, trading in these markets can pose some interesting and often quite bizarre, issues in terms of local rules and culture not to mention VAT, customs and other related requirements. Indeed, some of the markets are not very liquid or transparent and some lack a reliable and liquid index or … continue reading

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