ComTech Advisory – 3 Years and Counting

I’ve been reminded by LinkedIn that February marked the 3 year anniversary of Commodity Technology (ComTech) Advisory LLC.  First, I want to say thanks to the dozens of my contacts on LinkedIn that sent along their good wishes.  I really do appreciate the kind words. Since launching the business in late February of 2013, Gary (who joined ComTech as an equal partner within a couple of months after its founding) and I have had conversations with hundreds, if not thousands, of firms and individuals in the space and count among our direct customers more than 60 of those, including technology buyers, products & services vendors and market investors. Beyond the direct advisory and market insight services we provide our customers, we’ve also developed a number of innovative products and resources for the broader industry: Launched a successful industry event – The CTRM Conference – in partnership with Commodities Now magazine, and will host the third annual event in London on Oct 27th. Conducted dozens of research projects, both proprietary and public, and have made the reports from the public research efforts available for free to industry participants. Developed and produce the ComTechAlert newsletter, providing coverage of industry news, opinion and

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