ComTech Needs You and Your Opinion!

Yes, we do need your opinion. Right now, we are seeking end users of E/CTRM software to fill out just a short survey on buying versus building E/CTRM software. It won’t take long and we will create a final report that you will be able to download for FREE. Yes, we do want your email but only so we can verify that you are a valid survey taker….   To date, we have had a strong response and just to whet your appetite, here are some indications from the survey (note- these will almost certainly change as we get more responses…) –   2/3 rds would consider building a solution, 1/3rd would not and would look only to the commercial package market 75% had experienced building a custom solution 50% said in hindsight it was a good idea to build internally.   So what are you waiting for? Come and take this buy versus build survey… less than 5 minutes of your time required to complete it….   Thanks a lot,  

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