CTRM Directory Makes for Interesting Reading

Towards the end of last year, ComTech made an announcement regarding the CTRMCenter Directory. We adopted the diliger platform as it had many more features and tools that we felt we could provide independently. Over the holiday period, we were hard at work building out the basic details for each vendor and subsequently, we have been encouraging vendors to take over and ‘own’ their own listings. While many have done so, a lot of others have yet to do so. Given that its a great sales tool and used by prospective buyers on a daily basis, an old marketeer like me has to scratch his head and wonder why? After all, its free. The new directory makes interesting reading. There are close to 90 different vendors listed and a whole host of products. While the big vendors are plainly all there, who out there has heard of solutions like, for example, Lancelot? A central European ETRM. Or perhaps Vuepoint out of the UK with a multi tenanted in the cloud ETRM? Or how about Tegos and its metals CTRM? of even a company like QuantRisk with a truly comprehensive suite of E/CTRM software? The beauty of the diliger platform is

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