CTRM Vendor Perceptions – Tell Us What You Think?

The survey for the 2016 Vendor Perceptions study is doing quite well but if you haven’t filled out our short survey and given us your input, now is the time. You can find the survey here. We particularly need responses from people in North America, Ags and Softs and Metals at the moment but everyone is welcome. Well, not everyone. Vendor responses are not welcome and will simply be deleted since we are interested only in end user and consultants views on the vendors in this survey. Please do leave your name and email because without this we do not know who filled out the survey meaning again, that response has to be deleted. Given that the interest levels in the Vendor Perception Study run very high and it is one of our most downloaded pieces of research, it really is important that we get as many respondents as possible as this will increase the accuracy. So, vendors, email this to your customers and encorage everyone to take our short survey… Again, the survey is here. Thanks a lot!

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