Mickey Mouse and Surveys

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC undertakes research – perhaps 3-4 times a year – in which we use survey instruments as part of the research. Right now, we are doing some research on E/CTRM buy v build and still seeking responses, I am reaching out to you all to see if you might take a few moments to fill out our short survey on buy v build when it comes to E/CTRM software. I need just a few more completions to be able to write up this study. The final report will, as always, be entirely free on CTRMCenter. Very important – If you spend the few moments to complete the survey, please properly identify yourself with a valid email and phone number.. Failure to do so means I cannot validate your response and it will be discarded and therefore your time was wasted. You will not be identified in the report. The survey is here – additional responses here…… However, as many of you know, surveys can often be frustrating exercises. It seems that no matter how big or bold you make statements like – Vendor responses will be deleted and please provide a valid email address, phone number and … continue reading

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