Shouting the Loudest – Marketing and Promotion

Back in the days when I was a VP of Marketing, things were relatively straight forward if you wanted to get a message out. You paid one of a couple of outlets to promote your press announcement, you targeted a readily identifiable set of media – all print, attended a set of trade shows with a booth, you ran campaigns by mail and used adverts in that same set of media. I think I was actually fairly creative and we actually made a video for use at one of our user group meetings. That video was made by a firm in a proper studio. It was after all back then, a specialist activity. We made positive noises, promoted a brand and a brand promise and then we tracked the leads through our funnel. Pretty simple. This meant you could spend cycle time being creative, thinking about messages, competitive intel and so on. Forward 15 or so years and everything has changed. There is now a bewildering array of social media to deal with, few, if any, relevant trade shows, a rapidly diminishing set of niche print publications replaced with an equally bewildering world of blogs, news sites and directories. Old

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