Social Media

I try to use social media to do a spot of promotion of things we are doing but to be honest, I don’t really get it. Take Twitter for example – this seems to me like a bunch of people shouting short statements from mountain tops. OK if its one or two people but when it’s thousand or millions, it’s just a bunch of unwanted noise. I also use Linkedin. I used to really like Linkedin as it was genuinely a place for professional interactions – now it’s a Facebook wannabe and not a very good one at that. And. While I am talking about Linkedin, have you ever stopped to look at people’s profile photos? It tells you something, I think, to go and look for people you may want to link with and look at the profile photos. Mostly, they are what you would expect – smiling head shots, well groomed and in business attire. Then there are those ones that leave you wondering what kind of impression they think they are creating. The grains specialist posing with his horse, the developer who appears to have pasted his passport photo to a blank card and photocopied it, the

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