VuePoint Solutions – Multi-Tenanted ETRM in the Cloud

A week or so ago, I talked to Mr. Mark Taylor and Mr. David Hirst of VuePoint Solutions. VuePoint is a software development company based in Hampshire, England that specializes in providing energy trading companies with software to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for the power and gas markets. In addition to its Market VuePoint Decision Support Suite, which provides access to real-time and historical market data, it also has developed an ETRM solution known as Energy Risk VuePoint. Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV) is an ETRM platform delivered as software a service. The company developed the product working with energy risk experts and it is aimed at “institutions that are looking for real value from an ETRM system.” The software allows users to view energy exposure, manage risk and optimise positions amongst other functions. It is a retail-oriented ETRM solution. I first talked to VuePoint a year or so ago and at that time it was very early days with the software/service. Now however, the company has concluded a number of deals including one or two ‘reasonable-sized’ ones. The back end of the solution is Oracle-based allowing portioning for common aspects of the system and segmented areas for … continue reading

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