What Happened to Credit Risk?

After the collapse of the merchants, credit risk was the bogeyman of the energy sector. The collapse of Enron and other merchants really had the industry focused on credit and credit risk and looking for solutions. Around that time, a couple of vendors emerged in the form of Raft and Rome that did focus on credit and credit risk from credit scoring to credit limits tracking and so on. Fast forward a few years and the issue of credit risk has to all intents and purposes gone quieter again despite the fact that almost every failure I can think of of a trader in Europe over the last several years was down to credit issues. Having spent almost a couple of years as CEO of a power trading firm here myself, I can say that credit risk remains a key area of focus even if it has taken less of the limelight in recent years. On the vendor side, after doing a handful of top tier license deals each, both Raft and Rome were acquired and the names essentially lost from our collective memories.Triple Point acquired Rome and magically transformed it into Commodity XL for credit risk, while Raft was

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