Orchestrade – A New Entrant in ETRM

Recently, I was contacted by Catherine Biewer of Orchestrade who was very keen to tell us about its solution and its ETRM coverage. Orchestrade has been focused on other asset classes offering its trading and risk management technology into the capital markets space where it has seen some success with over 40 customers globally. Its goal, I was told, was to deliver an open platform for the best cross-asset, front-to-back trading, and risk management for financial institutions. Today, Orchestrade has four offices in Paris, London, San Francisco, and New York, and around 100 people serving its product and customers. Catherine was quick to describe Orchestrade as a modern, open, business event-driven, cross-asset, front-to-back, trading and risk management platform that can be up and running in weeks, not years. It produces accurate results and all in real-time she told me. “We put our clients demands first and we deliver on what we promise and that is the mantra of our business and reason for success to date,” she said. With an open architecture, fully  API based, the solution is very flexible and adaptable. In 2016, it was adopted by Engie who were looking for a more modern platform and were seeking… continue reading

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