Orchestrade’s ETRM Enters the Market – Introduction and Views

Orchestrade has been around since 2009 and today has more than 40 customers and around 100 staff. In 2017, it began a collaboration with Engie after a successful Proof of Concept and it has now brought a comprehensive and state of the art ETRM solution to market, according to Dale Emmerson of Orchestrade. The solution supports a wide range of commodities including physical and financial gas and power (including intra-day power), certificates, financial crude and products, financial coal, financial freight, and weather derivatives and is capable of capturing “100,000 trades per day across hundreds of users, with peak volumes up to 20,000 trades an hour.” It is also capable of handling complex PPAs and structured trades and uses high levels of automation to aid the user experience along with STP market connectivity to 140 markets out of the box, he told me. So, I was intrigued and excited to get a demo of the solution. Currently, the ETRM solution is used by Engie and an energy hedge (carbon) fund – Leyton. Despite looking at many existing ETRM solutions on the market, Engie were attracted by the technical platform and speed of development, he told me. It also features multi-threaded grid computing for performance.… continue reading

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