Paid Industry Awards – Buyer Beware

I posted a blog article last week that was a bit tongue in cheek and, in part, poked a bit of fun at industry awards. Then to my utter amazement, when I pulled up to my desk this morning, I opened an email that essentially confirmed everything said I had said about many of these awards. Yes, Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (us) had been identified by a panel of industry experts as one of the “Top 10 ETRM Consulting/Services Companies in Europe” and, joy of joys, the award is all ours!  In a special edition of this un-named publication, we will get a showcase 1 pager describing how we have been a leader in this field. We would also receive our certificate of honor and logo which we can ‘use in our marketing campaign’s going forward. Sweet music to my ears. And all of this is ours for the sum of just 2500 Eur (last time it was $10,000). Cheap at the price huh? Firstly, Commodity Technology is an analyst firm NOT a consulting firm. Second, if we are so damn good, why do I need to pay for this award? I suppose they would say we are paying for… continue reading
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