Perspectives on Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Part 2

We continue today with the input from the CTRMCenter Thought leader panel’s view on disruptive technologies in CTRM and CM software. ComTech is looking at the role of technology in driving change in commodities and we would appreciate your input into a small number of questions to help us understand where and how technology is being deployed. Please visit the Disruptive Technology Questionnaire. We asked the following question – What do you believe is or will become the biggest technology disruptor of commodity markets or commodity business processes through the supply chain or in trading and risk management in the next 12-24 months and why do you think that?   Simon Piercy – We see the decentralization of technology as a key theme over the coming years, delivered through several separate but related mechanisms. Decentralization is a progression of factors we have seen in recent years: the adoption of AI and algorithmic trading, blockchain and related technologies such as smart contracts; and a move from monolithic to ecosystem platforms. Decentralization becomes attractive to the commodity industry, primarily as a technology enabler, and in turn as a cost and risk reducer. From a technology perspective, we see a greater push towards… continue reading

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