Pioneer Solutions Staying Busy

As we move into a European summer, I have been trying to chat to as many people in the business as possible only too aware that by August, Europe will be on vacation and very, very quiet. I know Americans find this concept pretty strange, opting usually for a long weekend as their annual break, but many Europeans feel that three weeks in August is too little for a proper break….. Anyway, one of the people I caught up with in the last few weeks was Hugo Stappers of Pioneer Solutions. Hugo and I met in Texas, where we both spent many years happily forgoing real vacations, but we have subsequently both returned to our roots. I will confess this was a good part of our conversation along with the current state of politics, family and friends as we caught up over the phone. For Hugo, the CTRM software sales cycles remains long, bureaucratic and pretty much unchanged over 18-years in the business, he told me. “ People still walk away without making a decision. However, there are plenty of RFP’s around and there is good activity as we head into the summer season.” For Pioneer, it has been exceptionally… continue reading
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