Plethora of CTRM Deals Show CTRM Software Demand Remains Strong

Despite everything 2020 has thrown at us, we continue to see CTRM/CM vendor doing deals. Arriving back after a holiday, I found a couple of things in my email on this topic joining a number of announcements that have been made in the last few weeks – some extraordinarily significant. One such email told me that “innogy had selected eOpt’s flagship productPriceHub, to support its core Energy Trading activities. Delivered on a SaaS model over our Azure cloud, PriceHub would be fully managed and supported by e·Opt. The contract was awarded after an extended period of assessment, during which innogy evaluated PriceHub against its stiff benchmarks. This expression of confidence in e·Opt and its products, by one of the largest energy companies in Europe, reinforces our belief in the direction we have chosen to take. This is another step towards the industry accepting delivery of business critical solutions as hosted services,” the email said. Another held a press announcement from Brady with what looks like a hugely significant deal squarely in one of its sweet spots. BASF Catalysts, the world’s leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts, has selected Brady’s Trinity™ solution for metals financial trading and risk management. The… continue reading

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