Politics versus Reality

Recently, a well known US congresswoman made a rather interesting (and in our opinion, illogical) statement about truth. She said, essentially, that it’s more important to be morally correct than factually correct. That raises a question:  Given that morality and its guiding principals of what is “right” and what is “wrong” are increasingly dependent each individual’s views and experiences (which can and do change often), exactly whose morals are we going with and why? Well, when it comes to switching on the lights, we’d rather people were factually correct every single time and that our lights come on. We raise this point, not so much to make a political statement (although, it could be interpreted that way…depending on your moral outlook), but to point out that the industry might be facing a crisis over truth. It’s certainly open to debate, but as we scan the relevant news each day we see more and more examples of politics, as opposed to facts, setting the agenda for much of our industry. We’ll give you a few examples. In Germany, the politicians have been driving the ‘energy transition’, resulting in a very rapid increase in renewable power and the impending demise of coal… continue reading
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