Post GDPR – New Marketing Strategies Abound

I have written a number of times about the impact of GDPR on marketing in the CTRM space. However, it has become very clear to me that ingenuity knows no bounds and the software vendors and service providers have adapted to the decimation of their email lists and the difficulties involved in putting out GDPR compliant campaigns. We too have had to shift our strategies a bit and responses to things like surveys are down – primarily because promoting them is now harder and they too are impacted by GDPR and privacy issues – just take a look at our 2018 Vendor Perception Survey to see that the first question is purely about privacy and GDPR. Despite that, we are getting a good response but if you use or recommend CTRM or related software, please do respond to this survey before the end of September as we will wrap it up at that point. You can find it here. I have watched with interest how many providers now utilize the Linkedin platform. However, it isn’t just a rash of new posts direct from their website but rather thought leadership and informative posts that are being used. As examples, I will… continue reading
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