Powel Focuses on Automation Across Value Chain

Recently, I had a call with Stefan Zähringer, General Manager at Powel AG., to catch up with developments at Powel. Mr. Zähringer noted that he was seeing several definite trends in the marketplace currently that included a distinct shift to intraday trading in power and gas markets. This, he stated, required greater automation both for optimization and for trading. As volumes of data are increasing and with renewable forecasts changing rapidly over the course of hours, this made for a challenging environment. Combine this with a move to more decentralized assets on both the production and consumption side of things (renewables, batteries etc.) and there really was an urgent need for enhanced optimization and automated trading. As the business and market changed rapidly, buyers were also seeking more flexible solutions with a better time to market, he said. From an IT perspective, he also saw considerable change.  Buyers were seeking more flexibility for customization and configuration to get that improved time to market or ability to respond to change. Additionally, they were seeking plug and play based on cloud/SaaS delivery and use of micro services in more of an open ecosystem with the emphasis being on APIs as opposed to… continue reading
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