Powel Sees Three Important Technology Trends To act On

I spent some time on the phone last week with Arnt Sollie, of Powel, asking about trends in the industry and their own product strategy. The first thing that he sees is very significant interest in algorithmic trading solutions, especially, related to the intraday markets. This is something he has also observed in Powel’s regular market activity over the last year or so. But, Powel believes that automation is not only about automating trades, but all the entire work processes around it as well; such as updating production plans for renewables to the SCADA system, sending system data to the TSO, nominations, and scheduling etc. Powel is now working with its customers to help automate the entire work process around trading and then enabling the efficient plug-in of an algorithmic trading module when the pre-conditions are all in place. It offers a cloud-based algorithmic trading solution and he described their approach to algorithmic trading as a ‘white box solution’ where they provide several standard algorithms which can be used out of the box or just as a starting point. However, the customer is given the flexibility to write their own algorithms as well in Python. “We find that most traders… continue reading
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