Power Costs Inc. – A growing presence in ETRM

Power Costs Inc. (PCI) is an Oklahoma-based vendor of solutions for power markets, from generation to scheduling to transmission & distribution.  Though the company has been in business more than 28 years, they have historically been a fairly quiet organization.  Founded by engineers/professors at the University of Oklahoma, they seemingly focused more on addressing the complex technical needs of generation operators and less on marketing of their products.  However, having grown to more than 300 employees and with more than 100 customers now using their platform, they are becoming more visible in the market as the functional breadth of their platform continues to grow. While ComTech (and our predecessor organization) has followed the company for more than a decade, they seemed to mostly reside just outside our core ETRM/CTRM analyst coverage with their functional footprint mostly centered around asset optimization and power market operations.   However, during that time, they were also (again quietly) expanding the functional footprint of their platform to encompass the full range of power, gas and coal trading & logistics capabilities required by IOU’s, municipals, power coops, merchant gens and asset-focused energy traders/marketers – their primary markets. In a recent update call , Shailesh Mishra, PCI’s Vice… continue reading

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