Previse Systems: An Update

Previse Systems is an innovative new play in the European TRM space that announced its presence late last year when it launched ChorusLink – ‘a new approach to recording, storing and managing energy trade data and related information – in a common trade repository. Each trade is only captured once as a single data object, with the platform ensuring that both parties involved in the transaction read the same data,’ according to its website. The trade data repository is owned and operated by ChorusLink AG, a Swiss company which, in turn, is owned by its subscribers. ‘Joint ownership of the platform creates a community among members and promotes a sharing of expenditures related to IT infrastructure where there is no competitive sensitivity. It also ensures full cost transparency in that costs related to ChorusLink directly reflect the infrastructure utilization per member.’ Previse Systems also offers an ‘ETRM’ based on the ChorusLink data repository called Coral. Coral maintains position and exposures and calculates MtM, valuations and P&L. It uses a modern technology stack and in cache reporting to ensure performance and is available on a subscription-based SaaS basis. The final cog in the Previse Systems solution is an app store that allows customer, third-parties to ‘develop, publish… continue reading

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