Previse Systems Innovating Market Share

Previse Systems are rapidly making a name for themselves, and not just in Europe, if the results of our recent Vendor Perception Study are anything to go by. Previse is an innovative new entrant in the ETRM software market founded by a team of industry veterans. As I had written a few years ago, “Paradigm is often overused word, but Previse Systems can be truly said to be breaking it when it comes to ETRM software. The team all have strong backgrounds in ETRM having worked for existing vendors. It is that experience that drove them to go back to the drawing board and rethink the entire issue of ETRM software. The result is an in the cloud, all new technology initiative that has separated out ETRM into three distinct elements; A user-owned common trade repository (called ChorusLink) where each trade is stored and accessible by all parties to the trade in a fast and secure environment, A high-performance position application (called Coral) that delivers the ability to quickly and easily visualize, and process large volumes of data, and An app store-like platform (Coral Ecosystem) where third-parties can offer incremental and purpose-built functionality that can easily be added to the… continue reading

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