Reducing complexity via targeted solutions – Drillinginfo’s Curvebuilder Lite

Recently, an email crossed my desk from Drillinginfo. The content was a two-page data sheet regarding a product called CurveBuilder Lite. Now, price curves and handling price data has always been of paramount importance in trading and is often an area that is more cumbersome and unwieldy than it needs to be in terms of the tools available across a broad range of different platforms. Of course, these days, price data is just an aspect of the broader data management challenge in which more and more data of varying types (structured and unstructured) is available and which, if unlocked, can afford traders and risk managers with significant insight into markets, yet it remains the key area for many. Essentially, what Drillinginfo has done, is create a more simplified tool accessible from with MarketView to allow those who perhaps utilize a smaller number of curves (Drillinginfo says  50-60 forward curves) in a fast and efficient manner by scaling and customizing it’s broader toolset. In many ways, this is a similar strategy to that adopted by some of the CTRM vendors who, in an effort to appeal down market, provide pre-configured and customized versions of their software for particular geographic markets or… continue reading
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