Renewables growth creates opportunities for Swiss-based Pexapark

Last week I spoke with Debbi Bavin at Pexapark to get a quick overview of the company. Pexapark says on its website that it is “Your operating system to buy, sell and manage renewable energy.” But what does that mean exactly? Well, Pexapark innovates software products and services in and around renewable energy and is successful in doing that with more than 20GW of PPA transactions supported, 70 staff and over 100+ software customers in the space. Its’ renewables focused software suite includes pricing algorithms to provide daily reference PPA prices, advanced analytics for renewables deal analysis, and portfolio revenue and risk management capabilities specifically for renewables. I had a quick look at their solutions. It looked like an easy-to-use tool to support renewables trading risk and portfolio management. As Debbi told me, “Our software suite uniquely complements ETRMs by specialising in renewables and dealing with complex risks, such as cannibalization, pricing and volume risk.” It is designed to monitor the changing risk position of renewable portfolios, as well as combining its unique pricing intelligence with both production data and intelligent machine learning to accurately calculate present and future revenues. Users can see their portfolio position and drill down into… continue reading

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