Request For Quotation

To be or not to be. To bid or not to bid. There’s two quotes to start with! 20th July or maybe 20th December. These were two of my favorite dates when I was selling full time. These were the typical dates when that email (or, in the dim and distant, that courier delivered package) would arrive. And why not? Why on earth should sales guys enjoy a pleasant summer holiday or a relaxed Xmas break like everyone else! First thing to look for – the return date. Sometimes even that wasn’t clear cut. ‘Please return two printed copies, one unpriced, one on CD one by email and one by carrier pigeon by 11.00AM on January 3rd’. Great. I’ll look forward to responding the 700 technical, 525 non-technical, 473 functional, and 168 non-functional questions together with supplying 10 reference sites, CVs, high level, medium level and low level project plans, recruitment policy, health and safety policy, security policy, dish-washer rotation policy, social evening out planning policy, and the 15 tab Excel pricing matrix, before everyone gets back to serious work in the New Year. And I’ve got till December 22nd to ask any questions (which is presumably when the buyer
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