Research into CEE ETRM Vendors for Power and Natural Gas

Having been based in the Czech republic this last decade, I am aware of a number of ETRM solutions on the market within the region. Vendors like IPESoft, Transition Technologies, Unicorn Systems, IP Systems, FIS XDM and Microstep HDO all have has installed bases for ETRM software in the region for some time and there may be others of which we are unaware. Many of these vendors maintain a low profile and are not well known outside of their own countries. However, ComTech is interested in exploring this region and understanding what solutions are out there – local vendors or the more international and better known ones like OpenLink, Allegro, Contigo and so on. We would also like to get an understanding of why these CEE vendors exist and continue to exist – is there some cultural, pricing or  functionality driver behind this? To that end, we will be contacting the vendors and talking to them about their history, software and footprints and also trying to get end users and consultants in the region to take a fairly short survey aimed at helping us understand this specific market. If the research goes well, we will issue a report for download
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Research into CEE ETRM Vendors for Power and Natural Gas. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.