Richard Williamson Looks for Industry Collaboration to Support Digitalization

In this third and final article based on talking about the 3-D’s (Digitalization, Decarbonization, and Decentralization) with Gen10, I talked to Richard Williamson, CEO, Gen10 about digitalization….. Richard Williamson of Gen10 is of the opinion that digitalization in commodities really requires industry standards to deliver the largest benefits possible. As an example, he talks about how twelve laboratories send assays in different formats and asks why all assays couldn’t be in an industry-standard format? “After all, there is no competitive advantage in not having a standard,” he told me. There are many other areas where industry standards would help the ability to digitalize, automate and optimize business processes in the industry, he feels. Despite that, he sees many opportunities for digitalization efforts to be focused while awaiting standards to evolve. Gen10, he tells me, has been around long enough to have experienced the last time standardization was being discussed – the promises of XML in the early 2000s – when they initiated the CottonXML project. Working with representative companies from across the supply chain, the CottonXML project, run by the American Cotton Shippers’ Association, identified and defined around 20 standard schemas to help companies share common data in a more… continue reading

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