Risk Edge Become Bronze Level Sponsors of CTRM Conference

Risk Edge has become a bronze level sponsor of the CTRM Conference. We thank them for their support of this event. Risk Edge is a pioneer in Risk & Predictive Analytics with focus on Energy and Commodities Industry. Its software and consulting solutions are geared to solve critical problems for companies, from to P&L Attribution to better hedging models, from Improving Yields to predicting demand & supply using machine learning algorithms. Risk Edge’s Predictive Analytics solution has in-built Machine Learning algorithms that can be easily configured to predict critical variables like customer acquisition / retention, fraud detection, yields, machine failure, demand & supply, etc. The algorithms can also be used to understand hidden relationships between crucial parameters of the business, and how each parameter affects the desired outcome, thereby giving an undeniable edge in understanding patterns and businesses better. Risk Edge’s online product –Derivist – is one of the world’s largest libraries of instrument pricing algos and is available free for everyone. It comes with an API for Enterprise users to price thousands of structured derivative trades within seconds. It also enables Sentiment Analysis of various popular hashtags by mining tweets on a real-time basis. The CTRM Conference is a
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