Risk Edge Innovating in Predictive Analytics with AI and ML

It had been quite a while since I had spoken with Nitin Gupta, founder & CEO of Risk Edge Solutions. Now like many others, in lockdown in India and working from home, I sympathized with his remarks that there is no sense of time when working from home! I soon discovered that Risk Edge has been active and busy but despite having market and credit risk tools and expertise, Risk Edge had been busy delivering on the AI side of things. “We see a lot of companies that are now on a journey to utilize AI,” he told me. Intriguingly, some of the projects Risk Edge had been involved with around AI were also on the ags & softs side of things. For one Singapore-based Agri-business that operates in over 70 countries, and supplies food and industrial raw materials to over 22,000 customers worldwide,  Risk Edge delivered a web-based Planning & Analysis (FP&A) solution to simulate its P&L and predict crop yields based on historical data. “All the P&L calculations for this project, running into thousands, are done in-memory, without storing them in database and users are able to change input parameters and at the same time, see the impact… continue reading

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