Run Santa Run….. Contigo’s Email Campaign is Fun

As many people know, I am a marketer at heart and I take a lot of interest in the different tactics used by software vendors in the market to promote their wares and how that is changing through time. I have written several blogs about use of multimedia, outbound versus inbound marketing and so on over the last year or so. Today, I received a Christmas email from Contigo that fit very much into the category of interesting marketing approaches. The email carries it’s message around fast implementation of the company’s ETRM solution very well within the framework of a Christmas gift. Nothing unusual there perhaps, but I am also offered an opportunity to win 250GBP of Amazon gift vouchers if I can run Santa 500m! Get loaded quicker this Xmas, says the email. I confess to opening the game and having a go too. I managed around 250m before my Santa fell from the roofs he is running along. I like innovative marketing and this one is so good in my opinion, it is worthy of a mention here… Can anyone beat me? Give it a try here.
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