SAP and Commodity Management – Update

The week before last, I attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum along with close to 100 others. This year, it was held at SAP HQ in Walldorf, which is quite an impressive facility. The SAP Commodity Management Forum content was essentially a combination of presentations, demonstrations and roundtables by SAP staff, outside firms (including ComTech) and customers that together provided an update on where SAP is with its CM offering and where it is currently planning on going with it. As of 2020, the SAP Commodity Management solution has over 200 customers globally across different industry segments and commodities and has emerged as a major force in CM and indeed CTRM. In part, SAP has attained this status through listening to customers including through ‘co-innovations’ and counts Cargill and a major Oil & Gas company as contributors in that regard.   I think the obvious difference between SAP and other CM and CTRM vendors for me is plainly its size and its ability to innovate broadly and in many ways. These initiatives include adopting new technologies like AI, ML and blockchain, or innovating the UI for a better user experience to using a proprietary in memory database for better performance… continue reading
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