SAP Commodity Management and the Intelligent Enterprise

Anja Strothkaemper, VP, SAP Commodity Management & SAP Agribusiness, saw 2020 as having been a bit of a peculiar year but with lots of activity for SAP. She thinks that the unique situations seen during the year have had the effect of adding impetus to the digitalization trend and reinforced the idea that it is no longer an option for many commodity-related businesses. For SAP, it was a busy year as SAP announced aspects of its Intelligent Enterprise strategy at Sapphire and SAP Commodity Management pursued adoption of that strategy. The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework comprises an architecture built on SAP S/4HANA that includes  SAP’s industry cloud and  intelligent suite at the level of experience management, along with the business network and sustainability management. SAP’s intelligent suite, she explained, was the SAP applications and solutions like SAP Commodity Management, which will progressively incorporate more and more new technology like Analytics, AI, blockchain and so on. The Industry cloud portfolio is a way to enhance applications by using cloud-based apps that are built either by SAP or by third parties. A sort of app store. The first application will likely be the fruits of a partnership with Brisken and be a… continue reading

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