SAP’s Functionality Push

In a recent post, we discussed SAP’s success in and around commodities with its Commodity Management offerings based on a recent briefing call. During the same call with SAP senior management, we also discussed recent enhancements to the products and the forward roadmap. Recent innovations to the SAP Commodity Management solution included work on deal capture which had been an area of weakness in our assessment of the product in the past. SAP knew this and have been progressively working to address these issues most recently working on enhanced deal capture initially with an oil industry focus as well as in areas like automatic broker integration for derivative trades. SAP has also been working on improving the general deal capture area by working on items like book structure enhancements for better reporting and organization for traders, and in the pricing area and contract areas. For example, there is now a single view on trades, it is now easier to deal with options, and overall MtM for both physical and financial trades. Overall, SAP is addressing the shortfalls on the trading side, perhaps with an initial focus on oil & gas users in and around deal capture, position keeping, reporting and… continue reading
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