Six Reasons to Think There Will be More CTRM Replacements in the Future

As I have stated before, replacing a CTRM has never been an easy thing. That is why, the CTRM replacement market has been smaller historically than perhaps many might expect. But things have really changed in the last couple of years and replacement is set to become a growing trend in the industry we think. Here is why. Technology Many older solutions were developed on what are now exceedingly dated technologies and architectures like client/server and/or Power builder. In some instances, support for these technologies is no longer available or the skill sets required to perform support are rare and hard to find. Meanwhile, cloud and SaaS are rapidly emerging as the model of choice for CTRM. Bt, to get the real benefits from cloud or SaaS, the CTRM needs to be cloud-native and not an older solution readied for implementation hosted in the cloud using a screen scraper or similar technology. As many firms are going through a migration to the cloud, they need to re-implement anyway and why not seek a more modern, cloud-native solution in the process? M&A activity M&A activity is nothing new to the CTRM software space. We have seen many waves of acquisitions like… continue reading
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