Software Selection? Did You Think Of This?

Being in and around the industry all day, every day, you hear a lot of stories. Mainly war stories. How companies spend a lot of money going through selection projects is a topic that comes up a lot. Here is the issue. They hire a big consulting firm, go through a long and expensive process, and end up selecting the vendor they first thought of. The implementation turns into a bit of a mess as it becomes apparent that said vendor oversold the product. (Psst – the big consulting company probably knew this but they have a certain skillset on the bench right?) I’m not going to bash consulting firms but I am going to explain a few home truths that are pretty much common knowledge I think. Firstly, there is no real incentive for a consulting firm to finish a project if it is T&M. Second, If they bring templates such as an RFP template to the table, it is highly likely that it is either a history of every project and requirement they ever did/met and/or it favors a particular vendor from the word GO. Thirdly, as stated above, they have benches, those benches have skill sets. Think… continue reading
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