Some Things Change – Some Thing Don’t

For Hugo Stappers at Pioneer, while much seems to be changing in the CTRM world, some things have not. Though he sees strong levels of demand and a solid flow of RRI’s and RFPs – both from Europe and the US, small and large companies – the sales cycle remains long. “We see a lot of digital platforms being used now by customers to support their  procurement process,” he told me. “We provide our answers into the digital platform and no longer email anything as all communication is done via the platform.” He also sees demonstrations shaping up as more scenario-based demos that can last much longer than in the past – even days, and more companies are doing Proof of Concept projects as well. While the appetite for cloud and SaaS is much higher than it was a few years ago, he notes that there is no common understanding of these terms and confusion in the market. ComTech would certainly agree. “For Pioneer, SaaS means a multi-tenant environment, on-line standard subscription agreement/terms and individualization only in the order form, “as is” functionality with standard configurable functions, and automatic upgrades. You rent the system just like you do with”… continue reading

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