Sorting through the terminology of CTRM deployment

Buyers of CTRM systems are clearly, and increasingly, interested in adopting web-delivered solutions and as such, the marketing terminology being used in this market has changed. CTRM vendors now commonly say their software is “web-enabled”, “web-delivered”, “runs in the cloud”, “cloud capable” or “built for the cloud.” Unfortunately, the lexicon of web-delivered CTRM can be confusing and it is important to understand some of the nuances of these terms in order to make informed buying decision when seeking out a new CTRM system. Almost any software can be delivered via the web using a product like Citrix, and so the first two statements can be perfectly true for almost any CTRM product, though some will run better in a Citirx environment than others.  The real differentiators start to arise when discussing “cloud”.  Being able to run in the cloud is usually taken to mean the system can access, and run across, additional servers when necessary, providing additional computational resources when running processor heavy tasks, such a calculating positions or VAR.  Unfortunately, many of the legacy CTRM systems that have been around for a decade or more have had problems with scaling in a cloud environment.  So, while some can run… continue reading
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