Sourcebook and Market Sizing

2017 started with an extremely busy January for us at ComTech and that rolled into February as well. Now, in March, we finally have got ourselves somewhat organized to work on our two big projects for the year – the 2017 Sourcebook and 2017 update to CTRM Market Size. If you are a vendor company, you will be hearing from us regarding both in the coming days….. Market sizing has got a little more complex these days. Firstly, the rise of cloud and recurring revenue like subscriptions makes it a tad more difficult. Secondly, being consistent in what we are measuring – CTRM – is always difficult. What do we include? What do we exclude? Finally, the volatility of some currencies (e.g GBP) means that a USD denominated model has to take account of FX more than in the past. Nonetheless, it’s always fun working on Market Size. The Sourcebook will stay similar to previous years and vendors will receive instructions soon as to how to participate. The Sourcebook has become one of the most important user tools in the industry and all vendors need to be in it. Finally, we still are seeking replies to our risk survey so
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