Speaking of UI’s…as a dinosaur

Gary, in recent blog posts, touched on the future of the user interface found in CTRM systems, both near-term and futuristic (Zero UI).  He and I are in complete agreement that improvements in UI’s are occurring and innovations will continue, particularly in data visualization as traders and trading staff deal with a continuing flood of information from existing and emerging data sources. That said, it got me thinking (like a good blog post should), not as a human-machine interface (HMI) expert – which I’m not, or even as an analyst – which I am, but as someone who is blankity-blank years old and has seen a lot of trading floors.  So, from this perspective, I’m going out on a limb and say that while the future of computer interactions may eventually be eye glances, facial tics, spoken words, fingers flapping midair, or mind reading – none of these concepts will ever be used for managing business in a CTRM system. Let’s take voice recognition first – it has gotten pretty reliable as evidenced by the eavesdropping Amazon Alexa (which is now permanently muted in my house); and with a bit of coding, there is no question you could control any… continue reading
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