Talking UK Power with David Holt

An Interview with David Holt, CEO of Enegen ComTech Advisory: In the recent past, it has been made easier to bring smaller generation assets to the table. Can you describe how? David Holt: Whilst National Grid ESO, the UK electricity system operator (NGE) have not updated their core systems since the early 2000s, they have implemented ‘Wider Access’ to encourage new, smaller asset operators to participate in the Balancing Mechanism – Great Britain’s core flexibility market. This has meant that small asset operators do not need to install fixed lines to communicate with NGE and can do so over the internet. NGE have also introduced the VLP – the Virtual Lead Party – a new type of industry participant. A VLP is an independent aggregator who controls (potentially on behalf of a third party) power generation and/or electricity demand from a range of assets for the purposes of selling Balancing Services to NGE. ComTech Advisory: With the ongoing march to renewables and smaller distributed assets, and increased demand from EVs etc., where do you think changes will be made in the next few years to cater for this new world? David Holt: Renewable generation, typically wind and solar, is by… continue reading

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