The Amazon Cloud is Starting to Feel like Skynet

As more CTRM vendors and customers look at moving their systems into the cloud, its worth noting that Amazon Web Services (AWS) just wrapped-up their latest Amazon cloud conference, titled re:Invent, and announced a bunch of interesting “cloud stuff”. The event, covered nicely in a summary slideshow by Network World, featured the roll-out of a number of new services – some that software developers can use to enhance their cloud capabilities or to create dedicated Amazon cloud solutions; others that allow developers and users to more easily access their cloud data and/or analyze it on-line; and they debuted a big truck that lets you haul your data into the cloud. That’s right, a truck. Amazon now allows you to throw a big data hose in the back of a truck (called the AWS Snowmachine), fill it up with bits and bytes, and haul it all from your data center to the cloud. I have to say, data transmission via 18-wheeler doesn’t really feel like progress to me, even if it can carry an exabyte of data (a billion gigabytes). A couple of different media outlets have noted an interesting factoid from the event – right now, Amazon servers cover an
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