The Conference Season

I’m not really sure how this works outside the UK, so apologies to the tens of thousands (!!) of you that read my blog that aren’t UK residents. In the UK it’s the start of the ”party” conference season. This means great British seaside resorts like Blackpool, Brighton and Manchester are suddenly flooded – not by globally warming affected** swollen seas, but by politicians and their entourages (if that’s the plural).  ** I know our sponsor isn’t a great fan of this contentious subject – I must say, as a Mancunian, I have seen NO sign of any warming this year, or in living memory, to be honest. But if Donald thinks it’s Trumped up, then just maybe it is real! So these conferences are occasions for the respective political parties to talk amongst their own supporters and convince themselves that their strategies, policies and beliefs are correct and all the other parties are wrong. I don’t think it really helps endear any of them to the electorate, but that’s their problem. But there is a conference that is worth attending. That’s the CTRM conference in Amsterdam. Let’s be honest, we all like an excuse to go to Amsterdam, ”on
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